Why start a blog?

I mean, seriously, why? That answer is…so I have someone to talk to about the books I read! I read, on average, 4 books a week. That means, there are usually 4 sets of characters,  their storylines, and all their “feels” running through my head during any given week. I like to leave reviews for books…but that’s just a synopsis of the story…where can I go to find like-minded people who want to discuss the story? Facebook (I’m sure that’s the first thing that popped into your head, right?)…but there are so many groups to keep track of. And some groups let you talk about the stories, while others are “spoiler free” zones. So how am I supposed to tell you that I was really pissed off the the main character did something….or that I found it super exciting when another character popped into a bedroom scene with two other characters (I won’t give the book away in this post….but it’s recent!)? So…I decided to start a blog. Maybe no one will read this and I will end up just talking about a book all to myself (it would kind of be like when I talk to my children, I guess). Or maybe, someone else (like you) will come across this blog, also have a love for books, and what to stick around and talk books…or wine…or clothes…or whatever happens to be running out of my mind and onto the screen on a given day. Only time will tell. But if you’re reading this…I hope you stick around for the journey. Who knows?!? It could be fun!

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