American Queen by Sierra Simone

Wow…just wow. I don’t even think amazing covers this story.
This book has been sitting on by TBR list since before it was released back in October. I kept telling myself I would purchase it next time…but next time would come and I would purchase a new release or some other book. Not sure what kept me from this book…but I am glad I finally purchased it and read it. I sat down to read it on a Tuesday afternoon, and had to force myself to get up to make dinner…it was that good. I was pulled into the story of Greer, Ash, and Embry.
I’m glad I had not read any reviews or spoilers for this book before going in, because the whole story caught me by surprise. By reading the synopsis, I was not sure what to expect…but it was definitely not the story that was found in those pages. The story was one of lust and love, light and dark, give and take…and I loved every minute of it.
Greer has grown up in the world of American politics. She lives with her grandfather, who is also a former Vice President, and he immerses her into the political world at a young age because of her knack of being able to read people, and because people let down their guard in front of a child more easily than they do in front of an adult. She goes to England to finish up her schooling and it is there, at the age of 15, that she shares her first kiss with a stranger at a party. The man, Ash, is older than her, but the chemistry and attraction is there immediately. Although they only share a kiss, Greer writes to Ash when he returns to duty…only her messages go unanswered. After a year of writing, she stops.
Years later, she runs into Ash again, only this time he is engaged to be married, so she runs off with a stranger to forget her feelings. The man she runs away with, Embry, is also Ash’s best friend and war-mate (you can see how this is becoming quite complicated, right?). She shares one night with Embry, which also happens to be her first night with any man, and is heartbroken when she never hears from Embry again.
Fast forward a few more years, now she is teaching at a prestigious university, when Embry comes to see her late one evening. She is unsure why he is there, but he reveals that it is Ash who has sent him. Ash is now the widowed President of the United States. What could Ash want with Greer? And why send Embry…the only man she has ever slept with? She would soon find out.
The story that follows is so full of emotions, so many mixed feelings, and they are all so connected and intertwined that one wrong move will shatter them all. Greer finds that she is love with both the President and the Vice President…and that she knows that picking one of them, will break the other man’s heart, and her own as well. But what if there doesn’t have to be one choice? Can she have them both?
And don’t get me started on the cliffhanger ending….gah!! Now, I want to read American Prince ASAP! But, I think I need time to digest this story completely…as I am still reeling from the events that unfolded…and all the super sexy scenes that I just keep replaying in my mind!!
If you want to read it, get your copy here: Amazon US

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