Definitely a top read of 2017!

Holy cow…this book!! It was amazing, from beginning to end. It was so full of emotions: love, hate, loss, hope, grief, forgiveness…it is all there!
Connor and Megan are married and, when tragedy strikes, everything Megan has believed for years starts to crumble before her eyes. Lies are exposed, feelings are hurt, and lives will be changed forever. Garrett is a doctor who will perform a surgery on Megan’s daughter, Laney. But Garrett and Megan are not strangers…no, they have known each other since high school and there are definitely some unresolved feelings there. The story that ensues is one of moving forward, letting go, and moving on. However, as simple as that sounds, it is anything but simple. It is gutting, heartbreaking, eye-opening, and hopeful. And how about that ending?!? There is no way anyone saw that coming. But I get it…I do.
There are many books that give me plenty of “feels”, but it is rare for a book to come along that pulls me deep within the story and makes me feel every twist and turn as though I am part of the story. Stay Awhile did just that. I could feel the heartbreak and betrayal Megan was experiencing, while navigating the longing and hope along with Garrett. The despair and helplessness endured by Garrett was gut wrenching at times…and I was gutted right along with him. And then there was the hope, love, and acceptance that I felt alongside Megan and Laney.
This is a definite must-read!! You can pick it up here: Stay Awhile

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