Weekends used to be for reading…

I can recall a few years ago, when my weekends were made for relaxing. That meant being able to sit back and get lost in a story…but that is no longer the case. This weekend, I got NO reading done. I felt like I had no time to actually relax!
Now that my children are a little older…it’s “mom, I need to go here” and “mom, take me there”. It’s band gigs, band practice, bowling, grocery shopping, catching up on work that didn’t get done during the week, cleaning the house, meal prepping for next week, and trying to find some family time in there somewhere!
However, through all the chaos of the weekend, we did find some time to make it to the movies to see Beauty and the Beast. If you haven’t seen it, what are you waiting for? It is AMAZING! Beauty and the Beast was my favorite Disney movie growing up…and this new live-action version did not disappoint. It was full of the amazing songs that I grew up with…and some new ones that are soooo good. We get more back story into Bella’s life, and amazing cast of characters, and a classic love story that still makes me tear up.
Okay…well now that the crazy and chaotic weekend is over, I’m hoping to get some reading in this week. But since my children are on Spring Break, I am sure they will have other plans for my time! Only time will tell…

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