First off…I am a lover of books. I read whenever I can find the time…and even when I probably shouldn’t be. I read about 4 books a week, and sometimes more if there is a little more free time.
I am a mom. I have two littles (that aren’t really that little anymore). They are 13 and 10, and I love them to the moon and back…and also find times where I want to run away from them, never to return. I am pretty sure it’s all part of being a parent of a pre-teen and and a teenager…but sometimes I feel like I am going crazy!
I run my own business. I am a LuLaRoe consultant. So…if you need any buttery soft leggings, or a dress to go out in…let me know! I also run a bookkeeping business…but that’s boring and a lot of numbers…zZzZzZzZ.
I am also a student. Yes, on top of everything else, I am finishing up my MBA. I should be done around the end of May…so there may be some celebratory postings around that time, so be prepared!
That’s me in a nutshell…and it is quite nutty at times!