School Starts Soon (thank goodness)

I am back from my roadtrip and have mostly recovered. It’s crazy how much sleep you need when you didn’t sleep more than 4 hours over a period of a few days.

However…it is 12 days until school starts (but who’s counting?? ME!!). Got the youngest all registered in her new school. I will have to take my son’s paperwork in for his registration, but most if it will have be to done on the first day of school since he is out of state until school starts.

Me…I’m looking forward to 1 day of no kids at home all day. It will be glorious. After that 1 day, I will be crossing my fingers for substitute days to open up because I need a paycheck! Not working all summer is nice…but not having any income for that time is a little stressful!

Til next time…



Road Trip Starts Today

So…in less than an hour, I will be starting the 6 day road trip to help out my son’s drum corps. I have done the math and it looks like 2900 miles over 6 days. That is A LOT of driving. Especially being by myself. Hoping some audio books and Podcasts will be enough to keep me awake and focused.

I am also bringing my Kindle…for the down time. Maybe I will get a book or two in over the next few days. Speaking of books…what is everyone reading? I have been so busy with school work that I haven’t had a lot of time to read for fun! Comment below and let me know!


Crazy Hectic Busy!

Another busy weekend filled with competitions for my son’s drum corps. This week is hectic because he leaves for the corps national tour on Wednesday and won’t be back until August 13th. So I have been running around and ordering on Amazon like a mad woman to make sure he has everything he needs. I will be joining them to help out for the first 4 stops of the tour…but I get to leave on Friday and I will be home next Wednesday. It is going to be a lot of driving…but I know they need the help with food and getting everything together for the kids while on tour. I’m not looking forward to the 14 hour drive home next Wednesday. Hoping to download some audiobooks so I can get some “reading” in while I’m away.

So…if I seem a little crazy…or like I’m not all there this week…you will know why!


I love a long holiday weekend!

So our weekend started last Wednesday, the 4th, and ended only yesterday. It was a nice 5 days filled with a parade, a pool party with friends, relaxing, house cleaning, trying to stay cool during the horrendous heat wave, and the normal chauffeuring of kids to and from San Diego for practice. I am looking forward to their practices being done…which will be soon since they leave for tour next week. I will be joining them on tour for the first 5 days…so that should be fun. (I say that now…ask me when I get back how I really feel.)

So today is Monday…and the weekend is over…and the hubby is back to work and I’m back to my summer mom duties. I am actually looking forward to school getting back in session so I can start working again. The morning started with taking the kids to San Diego for practice bright and early…no surprise there, right?!? I’m hoping the temperatures stay down so I can relax a little and read a book without sitting in a puddle of sweat. (Nice visual, right?) Hope everyone has a nice start to their week!



Summer…the time to relax…yeah right!

So summer break started for my kids last Monday…and I have not had any free time yet! They always have somewhere to go, something they need me to go out and buy right now, or something they need me to do for them. When does the break time start?

Any free time that I have left after catering to a teenager and pre-teen (they seem so much more self sufficient during the school year) has been spent working on homework and finishing up a set of classes by Sunday so I can turn around and start a new set of classes on Monday (again with the no break thing).

I am going to get some books read for fun (as opposed to for school) this summer. Even if it means locking myself in my room for a couple of hours…hiding from the mini humans and the four legged beasts…just to get some alone time in to read. My TBR pile is getting bigger and I need to find time to bring it down. And maybe have a glass of wine while I’m doing it!

Only 8 more weeks to go….but who’s counting?!? (ME…that’s who!)