My Daughter’s YouTube Obsession

Yesterday, I told my daughter she could use her electronics and/or watch TV as she wanted since it was too hot to go outside and play. Let me tell you…I have never seen a person watch so much YouTube in my life. And the videos she is watching…what the heck are people posting?!? There was one where they were making cotton candy burritos filled with all sorts of junk food. There was another where they were mixing two sodas together and taking turns trying to guess which two sodas were in the cup.
Maybe since I grew up in a time without YouTube (or the internet in general, really)…I just don’t get the fascination. I talked to her about it, and she said these YouTubers post new videos every day…and that her and her friends look forward to these new postings. It blows my mind that this is what is now considered entertainment.
Like I said, maybe I am just too old. *le sigh*


**New Release** The Evolution of Us by D. Nichole King



Title: The Evolution of Us

Series: The Us Series #2

Author: D. Nichole King
Genre: NA Romance
Release Date: June 26, 2018


They say
it’s blind.
That you
don’t choose who you fall in love with.
They say it
creeps up on you when you least expect it.
They say it
doesn’t let go.
I wish it
were that easy.
I’ve been
in love before, and it happened the way they said it would.
For a
while, it was easy and full of bliss.
Until he
uttered those damn three words, and all hell broke loose.
I don’t
blame him for leaving.
Love is a
beast, waiting to devour you at the first sign of weakness.
That’s what
they don’t say.
It’s been
four years, and a lot has changed.
I never
expected to see Jake again,
but here I
am, staring into those gorgeous eyes like they still belong to me.
See, I’m
Finley May Norwood, the girl who pushes love away when it becomes too 
Now, Jake’s
engaged to someone else, and I’m too late.
If only my
heart could accept that.
It simply
Love. Be


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Author Bio
I’m pretty
sure I drink too much Pepsi. I’m also pretty sure that somedays it’s what keeps
me sane. Well, Pepsi and writing, that is.
I’m a
dreamer, an inspirer. I find beauty in weakness, brokenness, and heartbreak. In
life, and joy, and happiness. These moments don’t define us, but the choices we
make in these moments do.
I write
about these moments. About the choices we make and the paths we tread. About
the circumstances that make us who we are and the experiences that will lead us
to who we will become.
I write
about life. Love. Pain. And hope.



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Summer…the time to relax…yeah right!

So summer break started for my kids last Monday…and I have not had any free time yet! They always have somewhere to go, something they need me to go out and buy right now, or something they need me to do for them. When does the break time start?

Any free time that I have left after catering to a teenager and pre-teen (they seem so much more self sufficient during the school year) has been spent working on homework and finishing up a set of classes by Sunday so I can turn around and start a new set of classes on Monday (again with the no break thing).

I am going to get some books read for fun (as opposed to for school) this summer. Even if it means locking myself in my room for a couple of hours…hiding from the mini humans and the four legged beasts…just to get some alone time in to read. My TBR pile is getting bigger and I need to find time to bring it down. And maybe have a glass of wine while I’m doing it!

Only 8 more weeks to go….but who’s counting?!? (ME…that’s who!)


Summertime…the struggle is real!

School is almost out and the kids are off for 2 months…yay!!!…right?!? I mean, no more getting up at 5:30 to start the morning routine to get one kid out the door at 6:40, come back and start the routine all over again to get the other one out the door at 8:15 (because a school starting at 9 is a great idea…not!). So now…maybe I can sleep in til 7…or have a cup of coffee and enjoy some peace and quiet on the back patio in the morning. But…wait…now the kids are going to be home…all day! Which means they are going to fight like normal brothers and sisters do…every…single…day! They are going to whine about being bored…the internet going too slow for their liking (because they both are playing online video games while watching a YouTube video on how to beat the next level and Facetiming their friends….all at the same time)…and constantly being hungry and needing a million snacks. Whew! And that’s all before noon!

Don’t get me wrong, I am happy for my kids to be done with school for a little bit. I will enjoy not having to get up as early (even though I will probably get up at 5:30 anyway). And I am a substitute teacher…so I know the teachers need the break. But now I have to be in charge of my kids all day long…and I am not sure if that’s a good thing or bad thing! Only time will tell. Maybe this will be the year that they get along with each other and don’t argue over who ate the last Poptart! If not…at least it’s only 9 weeks and 2 days…but who’s counting?!?


Busy Busy Busy

How has it already been 2 1/2 weeks since my last post?!? I think with my weekends being full of rehearsals for my son, and my weekdays busy with work and school…the days just fly by!

My children are officially in end-of-school countdown mode. Only 8 days left (including today). Then comes the fun part…what to do with them all summer? If I don’t find something for them to do, then they will sit around playing video games and being lazy. My son only has a week off before he starts all day rehearsals for drum corps…so I won’t have to worry about him. My daughter, however, is at the age where the world revolves around YouTube and music video making apps. I have 8 days to figure something out!

At least I have a weekend trip to Vegas coming up. So that’s something to look forward to. Sure, it is for bowling and it falls right in time for my online finals for school…but it will still be fun…right?!?